TuckUnder Projects & Pavilion is NOT accepting submissions at this time.

TuckUnder Projects Submission Overview
TuckUnder Projects seeks artist and curatorial proposals for its fifth season of interior and exterior art exhibit programming including five solo and curatorial platform TuckUnder Gallery exhibits, five Leaky Sink Gallery exhibits, and Raspberry Patch Residency that engage the local community with under recognized local and regional emerging artists and curators working in visual arts, video, multimedia, site specific sculpture and installation from May thru November 2016.  As TuckUnder Projects grows and expands, we are also seeking potential artwork for artistic programming and curatorial activity outside of our present site.

TuckUnder is a temporary, independent artist exhibition space and sculpture site located within the Fulton neighborhood of Southwest Minneapolis.  As an alternative, hybridic home-based contemporary gallery, TuckUnder specializes in unrecognized emerging artists and curatorial collaborators, tactical institutional critique, participatory initiatives and conceptual curatorial projects. Artistic quality at TuckUnder is based upon artist’s tactical aesthetics, participatory exchange, and conceptual fortitude rather than traditionally conservative art fair and gallery/museum criteria. 

TuckUnder gives control to artists and curators in what they choose to produce and exhibit. As an activist creative startup and non-commercial site, it has been funded within the economy of the artist household. Its success is not grounded in sales, press or conventional measures set forth by the international art apparatus, but by the individual criteria set forth by the artists, curators and their exhibits. TuckUnder engages ideas of artistic process and studio practice rather than institutional art distribution. We consider our visual artists, curators and collaborators to be partners and co-creators working in a larger ecosystem of visual cultural production.  

Specifically, TuckUnders fifth year of programming will be a tri-fold focus of five exhibit platforms:  interior garage exhibits and exterior site-specific sculptures and installations, five Leaky Sink Gallery exhibits, and an outdoor participatory Raspberry Patch Residency. For the interior focus, TuckUnder plans to create, curate and produce five solo or collaborative projects that engage and empower emerging or midcareer visual artists/curators with the local community.  For the exterior component, TuckUnder plans five site-specific sculpture platforms that engage emerging and midcareer artists, sculptors and landscape architects with the 1950’s architecture of the TuckUnder garage surrounds.  

The interior gallery of TuckUnder is small, meek, and humble at first glance. The unique size, garage door, and preexisting structure of the former homeowners offer a unique challenge to artists, curators and collaborators. The interior of TuckUnder houses a preexisting arena that offers artists a rare venue to create and install their art in an alternative and hybridic setting. Artists and collaborators will choose both their working methods and portions of the interior in which they wish to develop their project.  

The exterior of TuckUnder is also small and anonymous at first glance. As a colonial style home built in the post WW II housing boom of the 1950’s, it offers a unique sculpture site with campy preexisting yard ornaments and architectural quirks. The seven TuckUnder exterior sculpture sites include: Patio, Front Yard, Three Butterflies, Sculpture Garden, Mural Wall, Scenic Overlook, Woodpecker, Water Pump, Alley Garage, and Raspberry Patch Residency. The sites will allow five or more artists, curators and collaborators an opportunity to develop and install a wide range of nontraditional semi-permanent and removable sculptures and performances within an alternative public/private venue.  

Leaky Sink Gallery is an alternative, experimental backroom gallery housed in the three quarter bath on the basement floor of TuckUnder Projects. The “loo” gallery has preexisting old-fashioned black/white advertising wallpaper, a tiled shower with soap scum and adhesive residue, two medicine cabinets, a shuttered window, three towel racks, and a drippy faucet/sink cabinet with a door that opens the wrong way. Formerly, despite the water shut off at its local pipe valve, the water still gently flowed approximately one gallon per day.  With the pipes now fixed, Leaky Sink Gallery is an installationary spatial site of creative reflection and imaginary thought, personal discovery and sensory stimuli, and private contemplation of bodily fluid wonder.

Artistically, TuckUnder is a visual conduit for artist careers, and engages artists and communities that have historically been separate.  Participatory in nature, TuckUnder aims to stretch the quality and abilities of underrecognized artists and curators who would not otherwise have an opportunity to have or curate an exhibit, or to develop a site-specific installation or sculpture.  TuckUnder seeks emerging and midcareer artists who are at turning points in their careers, who have high goals, and who seek to build a significant regional and national reputation with noteworthy galleries and museums.  

Rarely are there Mid Century Modern style homes in any city that offer coevolving project opportunities for artists. TuckUnder will help break the traditional disconnect between museum and gallery status, and art studio and homeownership. TuckUnder offers a fresh blur between art and life, home and studio, home and gallery. As a refreshing twist stimulating new forms of representation, TuckUnder maintains a high degree of intellectual access that challenges assumptions about the meaning of art, presentation and process. TuckUnder upholds a diverse view of artistic interpretation, and maintains a mission of remaining idiosyncratic and separate from sanitized suburban models of nonprofit activity and traditional conservative presentation.   

TuckUnder Projects 2016 Call for Projects:

TuckUnder Projects seeks visual artists, sculptors, curators, landscape architects, and intermedia collaborators for its fifth season of experimental interior/exterior exhibitions that engage the local community from May-November 2016. Shows will run generally 1-6 weeks depending upon scope of art/project. Please read the gallery submission overview, follow the application guidelines, note the April 4th deadline and March 29 site review.  Visit site maps on our web/contact page and facebook page. Proposals emailed as PDFs and snail mailed now welcome. Artists are encouraged to attend the prescheduled site visit to help visualize space. TuckUnder seeks work for main house site as well as potential developing artistic, performative and curatorial activity outside of our present site.

Interior Project Sites:

TuckUnder Garage Gallery: Overall interior space Appx.  240”L x160”W x118”H.  Large garage door and two small entry doors must be able to open/close during run of all projects. Electric, Internet, water access is available but minimal. Please consider the home and neighborhood environment when developing your project. Art exhibit projects/installations should be able to withstand typical garage ecosystem and (un)natural elements and welcoming to neighborhood viewership.

Interior gallery has sheetrock with plywood underlay walls, drop ceiling, & rough cement floor. Garage door (Appx. 8 ft. W) opens/hangs 30 inches from drop ceiling into one half length of interior space. Garage door windows are covered with plastic translucent coating. The East sidewall main hanging area is 118”Hx120”W. North sidewall has two hanging areas with 6-inch jog in middle, and small window above prime hanging area. Northwest wall hanging area is Appx. 118”Hx132”W, and Northeast wall hanging area is Appx. 118”Hx107”W. South side of TuckUnder interior contains two interior/exterior access doors, steps, a 28”W door swing area.  One metal door is higher and has 40”W railed landing that leads into basement on East side. Another lower door has window panes that leads to the patio on South side.

Leaky Sink Gallery: Overall bathroom is Appx. 72”Lx 42”Wx 80"H. Artist can hang 2D, mixed media or use as unique installation or performative site. Shower unit is 40”Lx30”W with tiled walls. Several wall hanging areas include 21”Hx41”W, 18”Hx12”W, 40”Hx14”W, 17”Hx12”W, and two 21”Hx21”W above and to side of bath elements. A 52”Hx25”W wall space outside door is available for 2D. Artists welcome to use full bathroom for exhibit but must maintain accessible sanctuary/use of the bath. A small 17”Hx29”W window/sill above North wall. Minor electric available. Viewed from inside bathroom/hall.

Exterior Project Sites:

All exterior projects must be safe, removable, temporary and be able to withstand ecosystem, natural elements, squirrels, birds, kids, and varmints. Please consider the home and neighborhood environment when developing your project. Electric and water access is available but minimal to all exterior sites. Technology needs are responsibility of artist. See facebook or Tumblr images for further visualization.

Patio Area: Under three-season porch has exterior seating, wall/overhead hanging access, and rough shelving (shelf appx. 68”Wx80Hx18D). Main access steps enter lower patio and main opening gathering area. Door access to main gallery. Windows to laundry/furnace room. Patio open air and visible to south neighbors and backyard.

Front Yard: Front yard has two main rectangular grass plots and two rectangular boulevard grass plots. Sidewalks divide the grass plots. Size of two grass plots Appx: 192“Lx144”W. Size of two boulevard plots Appx.144”Lx48”D. Viewing from street/front of home. Sculptures or projects must be safe, removable and child/pet friendly.

Three Butterflies: (Front entrance) Butterflies sit under awning and fit into an Appx. 36”Hx15”Wx8”D rectangle.  Viewing from street/front of home only. Butterflies sit above mail slot.

Scenic Overlook: (North entry awning) Overlooks the Sculpture Pad, the Raspberry Patch, and the alley. Awning and entry slab is Appx. 96”Hx56”Wx54”D. Chainlink safety fence is 36”H, and runs length of North sidewalk. Viewed from street, North neighbors, sidewalk, Sculpture Pad, Raspberry Patch, and alley.

Sculpture Site/Pad: (Slopes down gently West/Covered w/Astro Turf) Rectangular pad Appx. 21’4”Lx66”W. Available for free standing contemporary, abstract or conceptual temporary sculpture/installation. Butts up to Mural Wall and Scenic Overlook. Temporary brick steps lead viewer to Sculpture Pad from driveway. Chainlink fence is 36”H and runs length of North edge of Sculpture Pad. Viewing from Scenic Overlook, street, alley, and neighboring North yards.

Woody: (Fake Woodpecker) Note low hanging wires. Woody sits Appx. 9’H in “V” of Sugar Maple tree trunk. Partial viewing from front, and full views from backyard, neighbors’ backyards and alley.

Broken Water Pump: (Backyard/Near separate garage) Pump is Appx. 4’H and sits on 2’Lx2’W cement slab. Summer fern encroachment. View from TuckUnder, neighbors’ backyards and alley.

Mural Wall: (North facing off Sculpture pad) Stucco surface. Image area is Appx.104’Hx144”W. Views from front sidewalk, neighbors to North, and alley. 

Alley Garage: Separate double car garage for raw video/installation or performative site at alley. View from window, door or inside garage. Exterior east wall/fern area for hanging outside art elements. Interior Appx. 12’Lx10’Dx8’H with hanging industrial canvas walls and electric available. Note: Not the main Tuckunder garage.

TuckUnder Projects Raspberry Residency:

T.U. Raspberry Resident Artist(s) will collaborate with director/homeowner residents and be responsible for the aesthetic concept/quality of the TuckUnder Raspberry Patch.  Raspberry Patch is Appx. 40’Lx6’W and runs length of driveway. Artist(s) must be able to design/implement and construct trellis, signage, and general agricultural implementation of gardening care, weeding, growing and harvesting of raspberries. Artists may also exhibit/present with other artists throughout the season as weather permits, and determined by growth and developments in the garden. As a long durational project, the residency concept is not limited to the raspberry patch nor singular project. 

Raspberry Resident Artist(s) will be on duty throughout the summer, and during peak growing/harvest season. Residents must be mature, responsible, able to communicate with neighbors, and tolerant of privacy, children, safety, and general domesticity of the home. Resident must also exhibit sense of humor, trust, honesty, openness and flexibility. Resident will perform a small amount of TBD TuckUnder gallery/yard duties/chores. Resident artist will receive a small stipend, and will take part in the written assessment and evaluation of the Raspberry Residency project. Time commitment will be approximately 2-4 hours per week depending upon artistic growth and maturity of raspberries. A visual journal will be part of the final aesthetic product. Knowledge of plants, canning, jamming, jarring, jellying, raspberry wine making, and creating scarecrows appreciated. Further Residency rules and guidelines to be forthcoming with development of TuckUnder Projects and as grant monies allow. An informal contract will be signed between Raspberry Resident and director.

TuckUnder Submission Policy:

Eligibility: All artists and visual culture producers 21 or older from Minnesota can apply.

Application: Create a folder with all of the following as Word Documents:

Name the folder per this example:  last name_first name/TU2016, i.e.:  Artist_Woody/TU2016.

One page Image List including the name of the artist, title, date, media, and short annotation for each image. 

One page Artist Resume. For groups/collaborations send one page resume per artist.

One page Artist Statement with brief narrative plan that mentions themes, concepts, methodology, and the particular TuckUnder site(s) for which you are applying. For curatorial proposals and collaborative projects please submit a brief outline of the project/proposal and include names, resumes, and list of artwork for all participants. For Raspberry Residency and outdoor participation projects please note your interest, background and/or expertise with raspberries, and/or ability to work/dwell in private home/yard setting. Please mention any potential goals, needs and/or participation ideas.

Documentation:                  Send 3-6 images of current artwork/audio/video clips documenting work within the last four years, and/or of the project you would develop. Format images should be Jpegs saved as RGB color space no more than 72 dpi and no larger than 1000 pixels longest dimension.  Label each file with last name_first name/01, i.e.: Artist_Woody/01.jpg, Artist_Woody/02.jpg.  The number signifies the order in which you want the images presented. Audio files should be saved as MP3’s and not exceed 1.5 minutes in length. Video files should be saved as QuickTime clips and not exceed 10 MB or 1.5 minutes in length.

TuckUnder accepts both email, word doc, PDF and/or CD proposals. For email proposal, create a folder with your full name and place digital copies of your statement, resume, proposal, image list and image documentation inside the folder and save as PDF and email to info@tuckunder.org.  Note “Submissions” in subject line. For CD proposal, create a folder with your full name and place digital copies of your statement, resume, proposal, image list and image documentation inside the folder, save folder and burn a CD and send proposal to address below. Application materials will not be returned.  Questions? Email Pete. No phone calls please.

Send Email Proposal to:                   Pete at <info@tuckunder.org>, and note “Submissions” in subject line.

Send CD Proposal to:                        Pete Driessen /Curator TuckUnder Projects                                                                                                                                                           5120 York Avenue South , Minneapolis, MN 55410

Proposal Site Reviews:  Tuesday, March 29, 5-7 pm. Please also refer to TuckUnder website and Facebook page for site images and map/floor plans (below Contact page). Site reviews also by appointment.

Deadline:  Monday, April 4, 2016 by midnight. (Not a post date) Mailed and hand delivered applications accepted to address above.

Notification:  April 11, 2016.  Do not call.  Selected artists will be emailed of their acceptance, receive a small stipend (pending grant funds) and must attend a brief planning meeting with curator and other artists to go over their projects and exhibition. Unsolicited materials, CD’s, and submissions will not be returned. Submissions may be kept for up to 12 months or more for possible offsite projects and 2017 or 2018 seasons. Artists selected will be responsible for shipping, hanging & installing, removal and insurance of artwork. TuckUnder will handle all artwork with care, yet TuckUnder will not be responsible for damage to artwork in production, installation, exhibition, presentation, deinstallation or shipping.

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